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Chin augmentation is a popular aesthetic treatment that reshapes the chin for men and women who have a recessed or weak chin. Many times when a chin is too small, it can create a lack of profile definition. Cosmetic chin surgery (also known as mentoplasty) can be performed to enhance your chin, but one of the most effective procedures is using a silicone implant to create a stronger jawline and a more defined profile. In Argyle, TX, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Kasden offers various implant options to consider for your chin augmentation. For oversized chins, genioplasty may be considered. This surgery at the plastic surgery office of Scott E. Kasden, M.D. shaves and removes bone to reduce your chin and jaw to a smaller size.


"He has been treating me for quite a few months now. His dedication to me as a patient has been absolutely excellent. When medical treatment was necessary, he saw me on weekends, holidays and whenever needed. He is a dedicated Physician with his patients being number one on his priority list."

- J.H. / Healthgrades / Jan 26, 2020

"He is Doctor and Surgeon You Can Trust! - Dr Kasden will talk with you at length about what your goals are and how he can help you achieve them. He will give you honest advice on what to expect every step of the way. This is my second surgery procedure with Dr Kasden. My first was a neck lift with coblation on my face to get rid of fine lines. I am so happy with both results. I have also received Botox many times- always with natural results. He is a surgeon that will follow up on his patients much more than any other doctor I have ever known. He really cares! Sharon, who runs the office, is a joy as well as being professional and helpful. I am grateful to have found Dr Kasden and his staff!"

- C. / RealSelf / Jan 30, 2020

"Dr. Scott Kasden is a skilled and compassionate cosmetic surgeon. His approach to surgery is collaborative and artistic, while at the same time provides an unmatched level of care and commitment to all patients."

- D.C. / Google / Jun 19, 2019

"Not only being very professional Dr.Aladdin paid special attention to every detail of repairing my ear lobe. He made me feel relaxed and I didn’t feel any pain. To top it off three weeks later he pierced my ear lobe so I could wear earrings again, and of course he followed up with another appointment to check up again. I would highly recommend Dr.Kasden"

- C.S. / Google / Oct 15, 2019

"4 months post op - liposuction of abdomen - Dr. Kasden & his staff are AMAZING! Dr. Kasden answered all of my questions and allowed me to schedule multiple consultations prior to making a decision. There was absolutely no pressure. I felt like he actually tried to get to know me on a personal level which is always comforting when having any type of surgery. I had a few questions the day after my surgery & Dr. Kasden answered my call. He even called and checked on me himself a few days later. I've had monthly check ups and am happy with my results. I have already recommended Dr. K to some family and friends!"

- 8. / RealSelf / Nov 11, 2019

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Chin augmentation is a treatment for both women and men. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your chin and dislike the weak profile it creates, chin augmentation can redefine the lower aspect of your face. It is also common for some of our patients to combine rhinoplasty along with their chin augmentation treatment. This combined approach offers a great opportunity for the features of your face to be balanced and symmetrical.


During chin augmentation, general anesthesia is used, or IV sedation in some cases. An incision is placed under your chin. Through this incision, a surgical pocket is formed to secure the implant in place, which includes shaving some of the bone to make grooves to hold your implant in position. The implant is inserted through the incision and positioned over the bone, below your bottom lip. In some cases, the incision can also be made inside the lip where it meets your gumline. Both incision points help to hide scars. Tiny stitches are used to safely close the incisions and your lower face will be wrapped with medical garments.


Cosmetic chin surgery produces immediate obvious outcomes, which is usually very exciting for our clients. Although facial swelling and bruising will occur right after your surgery, this is temporary. In most cases, chin augmentation roughly takes two weeks of recovery. Strenuous activity should be avoided during this time period. Chin augmentation surgery has extremely high success rates and under the hands of a reputable surgeon like Dr. Kasden, your outcome will look natural and proportionate.


How much does chin augmentation cost?

Dr. Kasden will be able to start estimating your total cost for chin augmentation in your consultation once your treatment plan is formed. Your costs will depend on the type and size of implant you choose, as well as anesthesia, facility, and surgical fees. A cosmetic procedure like chin augmentation can give you great results that last a long time, so it's smart to focus more on choosing a plastic surgeon you trust with experience and proven results, like Dr. Kasden, instead of shopping for the lowest price. The plastic surgery practice of Scott E. Kasden, M.D. accepts many payment methods and we can help you find low-interest medical financing that will make your chin surgery easier to afford.

Will augmentation fix my double chin?

A chin implants is designed to offer you a sharper, stronger look to the jawline. If you have a double chin, you may be a better candidate for a liposuction procedure where the fat in your upper neck below the jawline (the submental area) is removed. Sometimes this technique alone can create a new profile and look without needing to have an implant procedure. Dr. Kasden will discuss your options and his recommendations during your consultation.

Can I combine other facial surgeries with chin augmentation?

Some patients combine chin augmentation with other facial surgeries, like cheek augmentation or rhinoplasty. Dr. Kasden will help you decide which procedures are best for your needs and goals during your consultation. It can be difficult to tell on your own what procedure or procedures will be the most beneficial, which is why a consultation with Dr. Kasden is so important. He can use his years of experience and eye for aesthetically pleasing results to help you develop your treatment plan.

Are there nonsurgical procedures to improve my chin?

If you have excess fat in your upper neck that's creating a double chin, Kybella injections may be a nonsurgical option to improve your chin. Kybella is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reduce fat in the submental area. This may be enough on its own or Kybella may be combined with chin augmentation for your best results. Talk to Dr. Kasden during your consultation so he can explain all your options and decide what is best for your goals.

What's the difference between mentoplasty and genioplasty?

Mentoplasty is a procedure that adds fullness and shape to the chin. Genioplasty, on the other hand, is a procedure that subtracts density from the chin bone. A genioplasty, in addition to being a cosmetic procedure, may also be performed to improve your dental bite or another medical concern. Dr. Kasden will help you decide whether you should get chin augmentation (mentoplasty), genioplasty, or both.

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Chin surgery has proven to be extremely beneficial to many Argyle, TX patients of plastic surgeon Dr. Kasden. This surgery creates harmony to the lower face, refining your facial features. If you are unhappy with the look of your chin and you believe it is the wrong size and shape, chin augmentation can create the look you are wanting. Please contact our office in Argyle, TX and plan your consult with Dr. Scott Kasden to learn more about your options.