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Ears that protrude, stick out, are misshapen, uneven, or oversized can affect your self-confidence, especially during childhood. Ear surgery is a cosmetic treatment that helps to correct the shape, size, and/or position of the ears to create a natural look. Dr. Scott Kasden is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Argyle, TX who has assisted countless men and women to overcome their concerns about the appearance of their ears with this otoplasty (ear shaping surgery). Regardless of the physical irregularity, ear surgery at the plastic surgery practice of Scott E. Kasden, M.D. allows an individual to show their face from any angle with confidence. If you or your child are concerned about the size or shape of your ears, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kasden to learn more about ear recontouring surgery.


"Thankful to have found Dr. Kasden - From the initial email, Dr. Kasden was extremely receptive and helpful. I started emailing asking questions about otoplasty for my son, and he answered quickly! I was surprised at the promptness! Everything else has been a great experience. My sons ears are completely re-sculpted and he is 6 years old, he had a great procedure and smooth recovery!"

- Anonymous / Vitals / May 06, 2019

"Dr. Kasden is an outstanding surgeon. He helped me with my earlobe repair & reduction, which was my first experience in cosmetic surgery. I could not have asked for a better experience. Everything was explained thoroughly and he is meticulous in his work. I would highly recommend him, as he and his office staff our outstanding."

- J.C. / Google / Jan 07, 2021

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Otoplasty can be done on patients of all ages; however, it is common among young children and is suggested prior to reaching elementary school. By age six, this operative procedure is usually safe to be performed on a child. If you are self-conscious about the look and shape of your ears because they stick out or are too large, otoplasty can help you attain a natural-looking appearance.


Otoplasty is usually completed using general anesthesia or IV sedation. In many patients, the incision is made behind the ear or inside the inner ear. During surgery, cartilage will be reshaped to create a smaller or larger appearance. It is common for both ears to be altered during the surgical procedure to ensure they look and appear even. After this, the incisions are secured with sutures and carefully bandaged so they stay safeguarded for healing.


When the procedure is over and it is safe to leave the outpatient surgery center, you will recover at home. Dr. Kasden or a member of his team will provide recovery instructions. It is important to not rub, touch, or scratch the ears. In addition, you or your child should avoid laying on the ears and instead, try sleeping upright for a few days. Dr. Kasden likes to see his ear surgery patients back within a week — during this time, he will be able to remove the wrappings and assess you or your child's ears. Natural-looking ears can be seen almost immediately, and the results will continue to look better as the ears heal.


How much does ear surgery cost?

The cost of ear surgery will depend on many factors, including whether one or both ears need treatment, as well as the extent of the surgery needed to achieve your desired result. Once Dr. Kasden has listened to your concerns and goals, he can create your surgical plan and estimate costs. In order for you to focus on getting the results you need instead of costs, the plastic surgery practice of Scott E. Kasden, M.D. accepts many payment methods, and we can help you find low-interest medical financing.

Will the results of ear surgery last?

The ears typically mature faster than other parts of the face and body, which is why an otoplasty can be performed on younger patients with long-lasting results. Dr. Kasden will assess the ears and then talk to you about realistic expectations and how long the results should last. Even as the rest of the face and body can change due to age and gravity, the effect on the ears should be minimal. If there are dramatic changes to the ears due to an injury, a second otoplasty may be performed.

How old should my child be to consider otoplasty?

On average, children about 5 – 6 years of age are ideal candidates for otoplasty. While the ear is usually fully developed, the cartilage and tissue will still be soft, making it easy to reshape. This age is also good because it is before they start school or early in their education so they can avoid being teased by classmates. Although many otoplasty patients are children, Dr. Kasden also performs ear surgery on adults.

Do need to have both ears done or just one?

Many issues, including ears that are too large or stick out, occur in both ears so both will need to be corrected. During the surgery, Dr. Kasden will shape both ears so they are as symmetrical as possible. However, if only one ear needs to be changed, the size and shape will be altered to match the other ear. When he develops your treatment plan, Dr. Kasden will let you know whether one or both ears will be addressed.

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Even though the ears are small, the wrong position, shape, or size can make a big difference in your appearance. Ear surgery can help your child avoid teasing at school, or help you if you've always felt self-conscious about your ears. Contact the plastic surgery practice of Scott E. Kasden, M.D. in Argyle, TX to schedule your appointment with plastic surgeon Dr. Kasden and learn more about cosmetic ear reshaping surgery. We look forward to helping you gain a look you can be proud of.