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When an individual loses weight or age, they lose overall shape in certain body parts where volume once existed. One way to regain lost volume is through a cosmetic treatment known as fat grafting (a fat transfer). This process removes fat from one or more areas on the body and transfers it into another area that needs additional volume. A fat transfer can be used on large areas such as the buttocks or on small features such as the hands. Autologous fat transfers are commonly chosen when a patient wants a natural enhancement vs using implants or fillers. Argyle, TX plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Kasden uses the most effective grafting techniques for performing fat transfers. This procedure at the plastic surgery practice of Scott E. Kasden, M.D. creates gorgeous, soft outcomes.


"I Did It! Sick of Juvederm. - Southlake, TX - I have been using fillers for years and was looking for a more permanent solution. My aesthetician had the most beautiful lips. I commented and she divulged her secret. I decided to also go for some fat transfer as well. Facial filler have looked lovely but at $500 a syringe and several needed at a time it was an easy financial decision."

- L. / RealSelf / Oct 26, 2013

"I Did It! Sick of Juvederm. - Southlake, TX - I have been using fillers for years and was looking for a more permanent solution. My aesthetician had the most beautiful lips. I commented and she divulged her secret. I decided to also go for some fat transfer as well. Facial filler have looked lovely but at $500 a syringe and several needed at a time it was an easy financial decision. Updated on 27 Oct 2013: Things going well overall. Worse part is being house bound. Can't go out looking this way. Wish my husband was not here to see me. We are making jokes about it though. Able to eat alright.probable healing will be slower because I'm an older person. I have faith in my doctor and know this is a waiting game. Looking forward to wearing lipstick again.. Updated on 29 Oct 2013: Day 5. Still very bruised. I think I stopped my fish oil and aspirin therapy 1 week prior to surgery in stead of 2. The date crept up on me. So my excess bruising is my fault. The boredom is overwhelming. My lips are still swollen and a little numb on top. I can feel my implant with my fingers if I press my fingers on my lower lip, but only on half of it. The implant is 65mm wide so it has to stretch end to end, but wondering why I can't feel all of it. Can't wait for my follow up on Friday to be told all this is "normal". Updated on 29 Oct 2013: Updated on 1 Nov 2013: Ok. Back to the doctor for my follow up and to get my stitches out of the corners of my mouth. He reassured me the implants were where they should be and that they had not migrated. I read the story about the girl whose implants migrated and she had to rave them redone. I put some major makeup on just to see if I could master the cover up to return to work in 3 days. The bruises are still there but I'm so bored with staying home, because I never really felt bad. Updated on 8 Nov 2013: Updated on 14 Nov 2013: Updated on 16 Nov 2013: Im feeling a little down in the mouth. Ha. Ha. My upper implant has slipped to one side. You can see a visible lump and one side goes up especially when I smile. My husband doesn't like it either and her rarely comments on these things. My doctor wants to know what I want to do. It will be discussed after the holidays are over. There are no guarantees it won't slip again. I don't know why they can't tack it down in the middle or something. My mouth is wide and the biggest one is 2-1/2 inches wide. That probably had something to do with it. He said it would be equally as traumatic to go in a second time but I'm thinking the picket it already there. I must be the bad luck girl. I had breast implants that deflated and migrated long ago. Advice out there? Updated on 17 Nov 2013: Tried to post this picture yesterday, but was having difficulty from my hotel room due to sluggish Internet. When I smile one side of my lip goes up. I had an incision in the center of my upper lip also. I never saw anyone with that. I guess my mouth was so big he needed further access. In any case , I've decided to get the upper redone after Christmas. It's just not where it should be. You can see a lump where it ends outside my lip line higher on one side than the other. Wish me luck! Updated on 15 Apr 2014: The upper lip is off to one side with a lump sticking out. I also have a lump and scar in the center of my upper lip. The lower implant has settled on the left 2/3rds of my mouth and I'd outside the lip line."

- L. / RealSelf / Oct 02, 2013

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Individuals who desire additional volume in areas of the body that appear visibly thin or deflated may be the right candidates for a fat transfer. This treatment is even more advantageous because it offers a natural approach to create results by introducing the patient's own fat. With this method, there is little worry for rejection. Patients considering this treatment should be at a healthy weight and have enough fat to remove for the transfer.


During a fat transfer, you will be placed under some form of anesthesia. The exact type of sedation or anesthesia will be based on how much fat is being removed and where it will be reinstated. Liposuction is performed first via a small, specialized cannula to remove the fat, where it will then be separated and purified through a centrifuge (which prepares the healthy fat for syringes). After preparing the injection site, the fat will be added to the area of concern. This injection is performed in layers until even smoothness has been attained. For larger areas, multiple injections will be used and massaged layer by layer.


After a fat transfer, you will go through a healing period. Keep in mind there are at least two sites on the body affected by this treatment: the fat removal site and injection site. The overall recovery may take longer if a larger area on the body was addressed. For example, a fat transfer to the hands may only need a 1 – 2-day recovery whereas a transfer to a larger section, such as the breast or buttocks, can take weeks longer. The sites will appear swollen and red, but the results can be seen pretty quickly. The added bonus is the area that fat removal will make you look slimmer. This procedure yields lasting, awesome results, but there will be some resorption back to the body. For some, an additional transfer may be needed down the road.


How much does a fat transfer cost?

The cost for a fat transfer will vary greatly depending on a number of factors. For transfers to the breasts or buttocks, a higher volume of fat is needed, thus liposuction is used and a longer process is incorporated to purify the fat and inject it accordingly. Smaller treatments, such as adding volume to the hands, take less fat and time. The volume amount needed to reach your goals will be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Kasden, along with pricing estimates and payment options for you to consider.

Where can I have fat transferred?

Fat can be transferred almost anywhere on your face or body that you want volume. Some of the most common areas are the buttocks (often known as a Brazilian butt lift), hands, face, and breasts. A fat transfer may be combined with breast implants or breast reconstruction to correct irregularities. Talk to Dr. Kasden during your consultation about where you would like to add volume so he can create your custom fat transfer treatment plan.

How long will the results of a fat transfer last?

A fat transfer offers beautiful, effective results that can last for a long time with proper care. Dr. Kasden uses the latest techniques to purify and graft fat that minimizes reabsorption. However, there is usually still a small amount of the transferred fat that does not attach to its new location, so Dr. Kasden typically adds slightly more fat than is needed. If you want to enhance or touch-up your results after a few years, a second fat transfer may be performed.

Are there any alternative treatments to a fat transfer?

Depending on where you want to add volume, there may be an alternative to a fat transfer. In your breasts and buttocks, an implant can be considered instead of a fat transfer. In your hands, there are many dermal fillers for long-lasting volume and skin rejuvenation. Dr. Kasden will discuss all of the various options during your consultation so that you can get the results that will match your personal and aesthetic goals.

What if I don't have enough fat for a transfer?

During your consultation with Dr. Kasden, he will discuss how much fat is needed to achieve your goals. In some cases, you may not have enough excess fat for the transfer, but this is typically only a problem if you have a very low body fat percentage or you want a large volume of fat added to one area. Fat can be removed from multiple areas if needed or supplemented with donor fat. Dr. Kasden will discuss all of your options during your consultation.

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If you want to rejuvenate your hands, a fat transfer may be a great option. In addition, a fat transfer works great for the breasts and buttocks. There are many options for cosmetic enhancement. This procedure can help you achieve the look you want. We encourage you to contact our office in Argyle, TX to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kasden