Many people are uncomfortable with the size or shape of their ears or have sustained damage to their earlobes from earrings or gauges. Thankfully, these issues can be resolved by working with a skilled plastic surgeon like Scott E. Kasden, MD, of Kasden Plastic Surgery in Argyle, Texas. If you’d like more information about options for yourself or your child, call or click today to set up a visit.


What is ear pinning? 

One of the most common types of ear procedures is known as ear pinning or otoplasty. This type of plastic surgery helps correct the size, shape, or placement of the ears.  While anyone can have an ear pinning procedure, the surgery is most commonly performed on children ages 5 or 6.  

Ear pinning can be done on one or both ears, depending on the desired results. The process involves creating a small incision behind the ear or inside the inner ear, which allows access to the cartilage and other tissues.  

Dr. Kasden removes excess cartilage to reshape the ear or create a small ear size. If the ears need to sit closer to the head, a series of sutures can make a more streamlined orientation. IV sedation or general anesthesia ensures you or your child remains comfortable throughout the procedure.    

Which ear surgery procedures are available? 

Many people turn to Dr. Kasden for earlobe repair. Wearing heavy earrings for long periods can cause your earlobes to take on an elongated shape, and the aging process can also change the shape of your earlobes. 

People who wear gauges in their ears expect their earlobes to stretch out of shape. For some, this style is a passing trend, but earlobe surgery offers the chance to return to a standard shape and size. 

These repairs require careful removal of excess skin and precise suturing to create as small an incision line as possible, offering transformational results. 

Earlobe Reduction is also among the services available. 

What is the recovery process like after ear surgery? 

Before your procedure, Dr. Kasden lets you know what to expect regarding the procedure itself and the recovery process. If you are coming in for earlobe repair, recovery is relatively simple. You need to keep your earlobes dry until the sutures come out and clean the incision area as directed.  

Ear pinning requires a bit more recovery care. A soft dressing covers the ears immediately after the surgery. You should also avoid sleeping in a position that places any pressure on your ears.  Sleeping in an upright position is best for the first few days.  

At your follow-up visit, Dr. Kasden checks your sutures and screens for any signs of infection. 

If you have questions about ear procedures, call today to book a consultation or use the convenient online scheduling tool.