Kasden Plastic Surgery offers comprehensive facelifts to reverse years of aging in a single surgical procedure. Scott E. Kasden, MD, and the cosmetic surgery specialists know how important it is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, and crow’s feet. Calling the Argyle, Texas, office today to schedule a consultation about a face lift or book online through the reservation portal.


What is a face lift?

A face lift is a thoroughly practiced surgical procedure that reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and signs of aging. During a face lift, Dr. Kasden removes excess skin and creates a tighter and more toned look.  

Those who opt for a face lift are often older and typically experience severe facial creasing, wrinkles, and loss of facial tone due to a loss of fat or muscle. The procedure can help to improve self-confidence and make you feel more vibrant and lively than ever. 

What are the benefits of a face lift?

A face lift can provide many benefits to those seeking a more youthful appearance, including:

  • Tighter and smoother facial skin
  • Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improved facial contours and symmetry
  • Increased confidence
  • Rejuvenated appearance

A face lift addresses signs of aging that cannot be effectively treated with nonsurgical methods, such as Botox® and fillers.  

How long does it take to recover from a face lift?

You can expect a 2-3 weeks recovery following surgery. During this time, you should follow Dr. Kasden’s instructions carefully to ensure optimal healing and results. If you experience difficulties, their expert wound care services can bring you back on track.  

After your procedure, you may notice bruising and swelling, all common during the first week. Dr. Kasden and the surgery specialists can manage any discomfort you experience with additional care. 

Moreover, it’s ideal to limit strenuous activity for the first week and avoid sun exposure to prevent potential damage. Most people resume normal activities after 2-3 weeks, depending on their specific needs and post-surgery treatment plan. Dr. Kasden may suggest follow-up visits to monitor the progress of your face lift. 

How do I know if I require a face lift?

You may be an excellent candidate for a face lift if you’re experiencing signs of aging that can’t be addressed through nonsurgical methods, such as fillers. 

There is no specific age requirement for a face lift, though it’s recommended for people over 40. Age alone is not the sole determining factor, however, and a consultation with an exceptional surgeon like Dr. Kasden is the most surefire way to determine if a face lift is right for you. 

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