Nothing can improve facial contouring more than facial surgical procedures. For many men and women in and around Argyle, Texas, Scott E. Kasden, MD, of Kasden Plastic Surgery, is the plastic surgeon of choice for facial procedures. Book a one-on-one consultation today to explore available options. You can always call to check appointment availability, and the easy online scheduling tool is also an easy method of setting up a visit.    


How can facial procedures improve my appearance? 

Plastic surgery offers the opportunity to refine the muscles, fat, bones, cartilage, and other tissues that give your face its unique shape and appearance. There are multiple different types of procedures to choose from, and many people benefit from a combination of more than one surgical approach.  

During your consultation, Dr. Kasden examines your face and listens to your treatment goals. He then discusses which options are best suited for your needs, and helps you choose a treatment path you’re happy with.  

Plastic surgery can reduce areas of your face that are overly prominent or build up underwhelming features. Dr. Kasden can make subtle alterations or correct significant deformities or injuries.  

What kinds of facial procedures are available? 

Rest assured that the Kasden Plastic Surgery team can help navigate your options.    


A full facelift can remove fatty deposits, eliminate excess skin, and bring attention to your cheekbones and other features. Today’s techniques yield outstanding results with minimal scarring. 

Cheek lift 

A cheek lift removes excess skin in your mid-face. This procedure can also reposition fat and other tissues to create a lifted and refined cheek area. Lower facelift (neck and cheek) is also available. 

Neck lift

A neck lift involves coblation and laser resurfacing of the face. 

Eyelid lift 

Also called blepharoplasty, an eyelid lift is a great way to remove excess skin that makes your eyelids appear sagging or droopy. Lifting your eyelids can make you look years younger, more alert, and well-rested. Options include lower eyelid lift or upper and lower eyelid lift. In addition, brow lifts are also available. 


Creates permanent dimples on the face. 

Facial procedures offer the chance to create enhanced facial contouring. Dr. Kasden provides a number of surgical approaches to choose from customized just for you.  

How should I prepare for facial procedures? 

To prepare for your facial procedure, listen carefully during your consultation. Having realistic expectations ensures you’re happy with the outcome of your procedure.   

You should also ask a friend or loved one to stay with you for a few days after your surgery. Having someone to help around the house and help keep you comfortable allows you to rest and relax as your body adjusts to the surgery.   

When you’re ready to learn more, call Kasden Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation or book online in just a matter of moments.