Cosmetic Surgery – Southlake, TX Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Even plastic surgeons cannot make incisions without leaving a scar. I will, however, make the smallest incision possible and perform the most meticulous closure possible so that you get the best scar possible.

All surgery involves some discomfort or even pain. Anesthesia during surgery and pain medications after surgery will keep you comfortable. You may not be completely pain free, but you should expect to be comfortable. You may call Dr. Kasden if you need further instructions or help with your pain management after surgery.

If your procedure is for cosmetic reasons (to improve your appearance), insurance will not cover it. If your operation is to correct a physical deformity and to restore function, there is a chance that insurance may cover the procedure. In recent years, however, insurance companies have been less and less likely to cover plastic surgery procedures.

Our office will be glad to help you find an acceptable finance solution. Click Here to review your financing options, or contact us for additional assistance.

There will usually be some swelling and bruising. The degree of swelling and bruising will depend on the procedure, your use of aspirin and aspirin-like medications, and your tendency to bruise.

This will depend on many factors, including your procedure, your medications, and how you heal. For most procedures, however, most people are able to go out in public after about one week to 10 days.

Most procedures are done on an outpatient basis. Larger procedures require an overnight stay. In other cases, people decide that they would prefer to spend a night in the hospital. We will decide together what will be best for you.

You will be given specific instructions by doctor Kasden prior to surgery. Additionally, on the day of surgery, do not wear jewelry or makeup; wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you will not trip over.

If you have a prescription plan, the medications will usually be covered. Dr. Kasden will usually write your prescriptions prior to surgery so that you will have everything you need when you get home.

It is important to understand that real life is usually not like TV. Dr. Kasden and his staff take all measures to ensure that you have a safe and successful outcome. You must understand that surgery carries some risk, and recovery. You must be prepared for and committed to making a full recovery. You are responsible for following instructions and doing your part to heal.

If your procedure requires general anesthesia (you are asleep), or sedation, you will require someone to drive you to and from the place of the procedure. Your driver may decide to stay for your procedure and recovery, or may elect to leave and keep in contact by phone.

For larger procedures, you may also require someone to help out for a few days after surgery. Be sure to discuss your home situation with Dr. Kasden during your office visit before surgery.