Aesthetic injectables are among the most popular noninvasive treatments available from Scott E. Kasden, MD, of Kasden Plastic Surgery in Argyle, Texas. If you’d like to enhance your appearance without surgical intervention, there are a number of options to choose from and a solution to virtually every set of needs. Begin your journey today by calling to schedule a visit or book online in just a few clicks.  


What are aesthetic injectables? 

The term “aesthetic injectables” refers to various treatments involving injecting medications or other substances into your facial tissues. These treatments have become incredibly popular in recent years. Many people prefer injectables over invasive surgical procedures.  

Injectables are also more affordable than surgery and are an excellent fit for people who aren’t good candidates for surgery. There is usually no need for any form of anesthesia and very little recovery time.   

How can Botox® and similar injectables improve my appearance? 

Botox is an injectable treatment created from a carefully controlled volume of a microbe that inhibits muscle movement. Treated facial muscles can create everyday facial expressions yet won’t have the strength to pull your skin into folds, lines, and wrinkles.  

There are additional medications formulated from the same microbe. Each works in a similar manner as Botox, but there are subtle differences between each option.  

Like dermal fillers, facial fat grafting is another minimally invasive treatment that enhances volume. Dr. Kasden uses a needle and syringe to remove fat cells from areas of your face where you desire a slimming effect. That fat is prepared and then transferred via injection into areas of your face where additional fullness creates enhanced contouring.   

How do dermal filler injectables work? 

Dermal fillers are a type of injectable that replaces lost facial volume that gives a smoothing effect or creates additional volume in areas like your lips. Many fillers, including Juvéderm®, are made of a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid, a substance your skin produces naturally. Some fillers have a thick, gel-like consistency, while others are much thinner.   

Though results are temporary, fillers also prompt your body to create new collagen, which has lasting effects.   

What is Kybella?

Kybella® is another injectable treatment that permanently eliminates fat in the area beneath your chin by breaking down fat cells. 

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