What is Tummy Tuck ?

Abdominoplasty, or “tummy tuck” is an excellent and very effective operation for correcting many abdominal deformities.  The following are corrected or greatly improved:

  1. Excess skin/ skin apron
  2. Stretch marks (especially those located below the navel)
  3. Fat
  4. Hernias
  5. Ill- defined waist line (“hour glass shape improved/created)
  6. Prune-like or wrinkly skin, especially above the navel
  7. Old surgical scars
  8. Weakened abdominal wall that is not responsive to sit-ups/crunches

Abdominoplasty is a large operation that must be done under general anesthesia for your comfort and safety.  Although no muscle is cut, the muscle layer is strengthened with sutures, and to protect this repair, you must be ready to avoid heavy lifting & straining for six weeks.  

Because most of the work is done beneath the skin surface, drain tubes are necessary until the surgical area heals adequately.  The drain tubes may be in for several weeks.  An abdominal binder must be worn for about four to six weeks.  There is significant post-operative pain involved with this procedure, especially for about the first week.  The pain cannot be completely relieved during this period (without administering general anesthesia), but with powerful narcotic analgesics and other medications, you should expect to be quite comfortable.  If you are a candidate for the “mini-tummy-tuck” you should expect to have a quicker recovery. 

Abdominoplasty requires a large commitment on both of our parts, but the potential reward is a remarkable improvement in your figure.  Only with a physical examination, and careful examination of your medical history, goals and expectations can we determine if abdominoplasty would be the most appropriate procedure for you. 

What Will This Do For Me?

Tummy tuck or “abdominoplasty” is an excellent procedure to eliminate or effectively improve stretch marks, surgical scars, and excess skin, including a “skin apron”.  Additionally, by tightening the deeper, strength layer, the hour-glass figure is improved, and the “poochiness” is eliminated.  Overall, the size of the abdominal area and love handle area is greatly reduced, but more importantly, the shape is greatly enhanced.  The real benefit to you is that you will have a physique that you can be proud of, possibly better than it has ever been before! 

Ancillary Procedures Frequently Performed Concurrently: 

Other procedures such as liposuction (chin/neck, flanks, thighs), breast enlargement/reduction are frequently performed at the same time to enhance balance and beauty of your outcome.